Onboard Amenities

At River Cities, your comfort and safety are our main concern. The following amenities and services will be provided on your River Cities vessel (Click on an item to learn more):

Amenities Included for Residents
Concierge services available 24 hours per day
Shore Travel
River Cities staff will operate two buses for the community to use when on land. Drivers will be equipped with cell phones to quickly respond to residents' travel needs. Residents will also have rental cars available which will be moved by car carrier semi-trailers to overnight stopping locations. Residents can rent these automobiles when their transportation needs exceed the potential of the River Cities buses.
Cruising Lounge
A large rooftop lounge on the bow is devoted to comfortable viewing and community space for all residents.
Local or visiting entertainers can use the theaters at the discretion of the community. The theaters will be equipped to show nightly movies (DVDs and videos) for the community.
Activity rooms
The lower decks of River Cities will have ample room for crafts and activities.
This community room has “book swap” shelves so residents can share their books.
Wildlife Watching
Each River City will be equipped with large pontoon boats for going ashore when our gangways are insufficient. These pontoon vessels will also be available for group excursions into shallow waters for viewing wildlife.
Hot tubs and Pools
These amenities will be located on the roof and be available for community use.
Fitness Equipment
A fitness room will provide exercise equipment. treadmills, step machines, weight machines etc. Exercise classes will be considered.
Walking Tracks
The semi-enclosed atrium will house a 1/5 mile walking track.
Chipping Course
The rooftop chipping course will cover approximately 1/2 acre.
Fishing will be permitted on the stern of the vessel. Fishing elsewhere will only be permitted for owners of first floor deck units. Additionally, the onboard rental runabouts will be available for fishing excursions.
Travel Office
River Cities does not operate like a cruise ship, providing activities and entertainment. However, during a voyage, your vessel manager will provide information on activities or contract services available at locations throughout the journey.
Mail Service
Residents can have their regular mail sent to a year-round River Cities "drop" address in St Louis. From there, River Cities will expeditiously forward all residents mail as frequently as possible to the boat via courier service.
A non-denominational chapel will be aboard.
Amenities Available as Fee-for-service
Special Assistance
For all forms of assistance beyond the limits of normal concierge services, personnel will be available on a fee basis.
Rental Cars

Rental cars will be available for residents of the Marquette. Car carrier semi-trucks will transport these vehicles between our locations.

Rental Watercraft
Inboard power boats carrying four to eight passengers will be available for residents on a rental basis. Boats will be launched and retrieved by River Cities staff.
Restaurants / Deli
A mix of full service restaurant, buffet line, takeout meals and deli will be offered in the two restaurants and two lounges on the bow of each River City. These food services are offered for a fee. Private party rooms will be available in the 1st deck restaurants
Grocery Store
A grocery store will stock essential groceries below decks. Each River City will be followed by a land support vehicle that will bring mail, supplies and fresh food to residents at each night's mooring whenever practical.
Storage Space
River Cities will provide storage space below decks for items such as luggage or electric scooters. Storage space is limited to items used during your travels. The storage of personal items such as keepsakes etc. should be done on land.
According to the USGA, there are 2963 golf courses within 50 miles of the waterways we will call home. Neither your golf game nor your appetite for golf need suffer while aboard River Cities!
Personal services
Spa, beauty and hair-care services will be provided on our vessel.
Phone, Internet, TV
Satellite dish assemblies will provide for high speed Internet, VoIP telephone and digital television service.
Visitor Suites
As the sales process proceeds, buyers will be surveyed to determine demand for visitor suites. With sufficient demand, River Cities will make application with the Federal Maritime Commission to provide visitor suites.

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