David Nelson, River Cities Developer

[david and renae]

David Nelson and his wife Renae on their houseboat, the Hiawatha Belle.

River Cities is my dream and brainchild born of 30 years of boating experience and 19 years as a live-aboard boater on the Mississippi River in St. Paul.

For 29 years, I have been a contractor and developer in commercial, residential and marine construction. I hold a Master's Degree in psychology, which in conjunction with my life experiences in the Army, the Peace Corps and the St. Paul live-aboard community, have all been instrumental in forming my vision of a River Cities community.

When people see where my wife ReNae and I live, they often tell us of their dream to live on a boat and to cruise the entire length of the beautiful Mississippi. If you share this dream, consider joining us aboard River Cities. River Cities makes it easy to experience the dream. We'll bring you all the joys of live-aboard river boating without the frustrations.

After years of living on the water I have come to experience the world differently. The water has magically heightened my connection to the wildlife, the weather, and the ever changing water itself.

River Cities is my way to share this special place with you.

River Cities is a very sophisticated concept that has required years of planning. I am grateful to the many experienced river professionals and consultants that have advised me in its creation.

ReNae and I plan to live aboard the River Cities and hope you will join us.

[David's houseboat]
River Cities Inc.
100 Harriet Island Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55107