Region 1: Minnesota/ Wisconsin/ Iowa

The map below shows some of the interesting towns along the route River Cities will cruise. Click on any of the towns listed or shown on the map to see what this part of the river has to offer.

[Upper Mississippi River from Minneapolis, MN to Dubuque, IA] Minneapolis St. Paul Stillwater Red Wing La Crosse Dubuque Chicago Chicago


Minneapolis is the navigational headwaters of the Mississippi. Because the river narrows just below Minneapolis, River Cities will moor downstream in the sister city St. Paul.

Together, the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are called the Twin Cities. The Twin Cities with their extensive suburbs, are a large thriving metropolis of 2.6 million people. Visitors will stay busy with the many cultural and entertainment opportunities that exist in the Twin Cities. The Mall of America, the largest shopping mall in the United States, has become the number one attraction for the area.

Red Wing

Red Wing will be a pleasant overnight stop for River Cities. From the city dock it is an easy walk to many fine restaurants. Red Wing is the home of Red Wing Shoes, a producer of high quality work footwear.

Red Wing is the home of “Barn Bluff,” which provides great hiking and views of the broad Mississippi River Valley and lies at the end of “Lake Pepin.” Lake Pepin is a popular destination for sailing and this area in general is popular among bicyclists, bikers and climbers. Lake Pepin is surrounded on both the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of the river by a lot of cozy, small tourist towns with nice shops, good restaurants and plenty of atmosphere.


Situated on the St Croix River 25 miles upstream from its juncture with the Mississippi, Stillwater is Minnesota's oldest settlement. This town was the site of numerous sawmills 100 years ago. The great white pine forests of Wisconsin and Minnesota were rafted down the St. Croix River and processed at Stillwater before their shipment eastward.

Today, Stillwater attracts tourists and residents from the Twin Cities area with its many antique shops, St Croix River cruises and dining opportunities.

St. Paul

Together, St. Paul and Minneapolis are considered the Twin Cities. This is the 15th largest population cluster in the United States. Truly a world class population center with all the amenities.

Local attractions include: the Como zoo, the Como botanical conservatory, the Science Museum of Minnesota, Fort Snelling State Park and the Mall of America.

License plates advertise Minnesota's greatest attraction:the 10,000 beautiful lakes that enhance the Twin Cities and the entire state. Fishing, boating, snowmobiling, skiing and hiking around these lakes are major pastimes for Minnesota's residents.

La Crosse

LaCrosse is a quaint town on the upper Mississippi south of Lake Pepin. The city has a zoo, an aquarium, a historical museum and the world's largest six-pack at the La Crosse brewery. Close to the waterfront lies the historic core of LaCrosse with many well-preserved buildings. It's one of those wonderful towns that exude the charm of small town America and the romance of the river.

LaCrosse is also the home of one of the last true steamboats on the Mississippi River, the Julia Belle Swain, which offers cruises from LaCrosse to other Cities in Bluff Country such as Lansing, IA and Prairie Du Chien, WI.


Dubuque is home to the National Mississippi River Museum. This is a must see to fully appreciate the Mississippi River and the wildlife, history and culture surrounding this great river.

Chicago/ Joliet

River Cities cannot make it to the heart of Chicago due to bridge height restrictions. However, it can make it as far as Joliet, IL which is situated closer than many of Chicago's suburbs. Chicago needs no introduction, being one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the US. Chicago will be a favorite stop for River Cities with it's innumerable attractions.

More Destination Regions

This River City will cruise continuously and make stops at places the community would like to visit. The map below shows the 6,600 miles of navigable waterways in the US and some of the most prominent cities along the way. Click on this map to see more detailed maps and listings of cites in the different regions.

[overview map of water ways in the USA] Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky Oklahoma, Tennessee Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky Tennessee, Kentucky Texas Mississippi, Louisiana Alabama, Mississippi, Florida No selection

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Major rivers that River Cities will cruise: Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Red River, Black Warrior, St. Croix, Cumberland, Arkansas and Atchafalaya. Plus the Tombigbee Waterway and the Intracoastal Waterway from Brownsville, Texas east to Carrabelle, Florida.

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