Region 10: Alabama/ Mississippi/ Florida

The map below shows some of the interesting towns along the route River Cities will cruise. Click on any of the towns listed or shown on the map to see what this part of the river has to offer.

[Map of Eastern Gulf Coast] Vicksburg natchez Baton Rouge New Orleans Mobile Pensacola Panama City Apalachicola

Natchez, MS

Five casinos will greet River Cities as it pulls into Natchez. The town itself is located high on the bluffs that overlook the river. Several antebellum mansions are located within the city.

Vicksburg, MS

Vicksburg was an important battle-site during the Civil War. The city sits high atop the bluff and was considered impregnable to attacking armies. River Cities will berth at the river's edge where the present day war is underway — the war of the casinos! There are 5 casinos on the river's edge in Vicksburg!

Those able to break from the gambling action may visit antebellum homes and the Vicksburg National Military Park or take the walking ghost tours of downtown Vicksburg.

Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana's capital city, Baton Rouge was founded in 1719. This is a city with lots of history and wonderful older architecture. It's also a busy deepwater port along the east bank of the Mississippi.

Pensacola, FL

Pensacola is home to a Pensacola Naval Air Base. The base has one of the finest aircraft museums in the world - a must see for aircraft enthusiasts

New Orleans, LA

The folowing information was true before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. By the time River Cities is built, we expect New Orleans will once again be one of the busiest ports in the world and one of the most visited cites in the Unites States. The city is a fascinating mix of French, Spanish and African American heritage.

River Cities will berth at the convention center adjacent to downtown and the French Quarter. This will no doubt become a favorite stop to explore the many sights of this interesting city. Tourist attractions include: the French Quarter, the Mississippi River frontage, Lake Pontchartrain Drive and the cemeteries.

Mobile, AL

A pleasant walk through downtown Mobile leaves one with an appreciation of the charms of the “deep south.” The town overlooks Mobile Bay, which has become an important alternate entry into the inland river system via the Tombigbee Waterway. Some worthwhile excursions in the Mobile area include the WWII- era battleship USS Alabama and the submarine USS Drum that are on exhibit on Mobile Bay just outside the downtown area. And adjacent to the battleship and submarine is an excellent aircraft museum.

Panama City, FL

Panama City is an active resort town. Great fishing and golf abound! River Cities will berth at an attractive marina in St Andrews Bay.

Apalachicola, FL

Apalachicola is one of the last vestiges of "Old Florida." It is a sleepy little commercial and sport fishing town adjacent to the Apalachicola River. It is a pleasant contrast to the concrete and plastic byways found in the majority of developed Florida.

More Destination Regions

This River City will cruise continuously and make stops at places the community would like to visit. The map below shows the 6,600 miles of navigable waterways in the US and some of the most prominent cities along the way. Click on this map to see more detailed maps and listings of cites in the different regions.

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Major rivers that River Cities will cruise: Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Red River, Black Warrior, St. Croix, Cumberland, Arkansas and Atchafalaya. Plus the Tombigbee Waterway and the Intracoastal Waterway from Brownsville, Texas east to Carrabelle, Florida.

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