Basic Policy

  • Smoking will only be permitted within 2 specially ventilated lounges on 1st deck at the stern of both right and left side barges. Except for these lounges, smoking will not be permitted inside or outside on the vessel.
  • There will be absolutely no tipping of staff members. This policy will be in force for all aboard your River City. If you need special assistance, the staff will be available on a fee basis. River Cities is not a hotel, but your home.
  • Two well mannered pets are welcome per residence on a provisional basis. Dogs are limited to 15 lbs maximum weight or heavier if under 12" shoulder height. If an owner is unable to control excessive barking, the association may deny the dog continued residency. And owners residing above the first deck are required to either carry dogs in their arms, or crated when moving to the 1st deck potty area in the stern of the vessel.
  • Family and friends can use your condominium while you are away. Federal Maritime Commission rules require all owners to list parents, siblings, children and 5 friends they will permit to use their condominium while they are not aboard. All others will be subject to lease arrangements through River Cities Management.
  • Leasing of your condominium will be permitted but only through the leasing pool operated by River Cities Management team. Owners can lease their condominium short term to other residents or guests. Or, owners can lease long term with a one month minimum stay for guests of their choosing or lessees found by River Cities Management.
  • Fishing will only be permitted off first deck condominiums.
  • River Cities will maintain a sales office onboard. Should you one day decide to sell your condominium, our staff will assist you for a 4 percent commission. read more
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