What we Offer

Purchase Information

  • Condominium Cost
    • Prices for standard sized condominiums
  • Economic Advantage
    • Economic benefits of owning a condo aboard River Cities.
    • Comparison of savings of owning on River Cities to commercial river cruises.
  • Compare Land Life
    • Comparison of River Cities ownership to land-based life.

Our Boats: Marquette

Safety & Security

  • Boat Safety
    • Boat safety features
    • Who is our crew?
  • Personal Safety
    • Medical and emergency services
    • Onboard Security
    • Response to weather hazards

Policy & Details

  • Basic Policy
    • Policies for smoking and pets aboard.
    • Subletting or selling your condominium.
  • Utilities
    • How utilities (electricity, water) are provided and paid for.

The Developer

River Cities Inc.
100 Harriet Island Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55107