What River Cities Offers / How We Operate

River Cities will be building and selling homes aboard our attractive and affordable floating condominium communities. Once we have built your home, River Cities will staff each vessel with pilots, crew and managers who will safely navigate between ports to provide you with a worry-free, yet adventurous, living experience.

[Black Hawk Bridge in Lansing, IA]

Each River City will contain 185-200 condominiums for the 350-400 residents aboard. A River Cities condo is like any other, except that it floats. Residents share the costs of fuel, staff salaries, insurance and docking fees.

Your new home will cruise the northern rivers in the summer and the southern rivers and Intracoastal Waterways in the winter. Our goal is to enjoy the waterways during the most pleasant weather conditions.

River Cities does not operate like a full-service cruise ship. The primary function of the River Cities staff is the safe movement of your home to places you and your community want to visit. River Cities manages and maintains the housing complex and all land and water transport functions. After a pleasant day of cruising the waterways, we will have cars and buses ready and waiting for your shore travel; the choice of activities will be up to you.

That's it! Buy your condominium, pay your annual cruising expense, and leave the rest to the River Cities staff!

River Cities Inc.
100 Harriet Island Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55107