Condominium Cost

Each River City will have 185-200 condominiums. These living spaces range from 528 to 924 ft² with larger custom designs also available. These are fixed costs you pay once for the purchase of your home.

In addition to the purchase price, residents share in the cost of general upkeep of the structure as well as the costs of fuel, staff salaries, insurance and docking fees. These shared expenses are based on the size of your condominium.

The following table shows the purchase price for condominiums on the Marquette and the estimated monthly expense for the first year of operation. of the annual operating budget.

Half and 2-12 ownership condominiums are completely furnished except for linens.

Ownership option
Size Full Half 2 Month HOA/mo
per ft² $26.50
528 ft² $299,000 $161,000 $54,600 $1,166
660 ft² $362,000 $193,000 $63,600 $1,458
748 ft² $404,000 $215,000 $69,900 $1,652
924 ft² $499,000 $264,000 $84,900 $2,040

The purchase prices and Homeowner's Association (HOA) fees listed above are the estimated starting prices of the unit. Actual final prices will depend on location aboard and future construction contingencies. To learn more about final pricing please speak with a sales representative.

Purchasing Information

River Cities is a pioneering concept. For the sake of proving the concept prior to buyer investment, we will sell to a sales target before we begin construction of our vessel.

River Cities will take reservations for any custom designed unit. Location aboard can be guaranteed for custom designed condominiums at the time of making a reservation.

In addition, standard units listed in the table above can be reserved. However, their location cannot be guaranteed until the sales target has been met and final deck plans are determined. Once the sales target is met and the vessel designed, buyers of standard size units will be able to choose the location of their condominium on a first come - first served basis (Those buyers that have signed on earlier, will be given first choice of location aboard)

Prospective buyers are asked to make a non-binding earnest money purchase agreement for $1,000. Your earnest money will be fully refundable at any time and for any reason. An earnest money agreement will demonstrate your genuine interest in joining our community.

Call River Cities Sales today to reserve your space onboard River Cities.

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